• Fixed 5 stand staging area. Design still in the works. PVC booths will be replaced with this wooden structure. Design may include a roof and will house gun and ammo rests. Standard 5 Stand structure will follow regulation 5 Stand designs in use at Clinton, and Ilion.   
  • Monthly 50 bird event Modifications on the 50 bird stations with expert input on throw design, These will be held on one Sunday each month. (Dates and Times TBA)  This is the shortest 50 bird contest ever. Lots of shooting, very little hiking. Opening up mountain top still in discussions. 

Our Weekly Five Stand

Five Stand is a type of shotgun sport shooting similar to sporting clays, trap and skeet. There are five stations, or stands and six to eighteen strategically placed clay target throwers(called traps). Shooters shoot in turn at various combinations of clay birds. Each station will have a menu card that lets the shooter know the sequence of clay birds he or she will be shooting at (i.e. which trap the clay bird will be coming from). The shooter is presented with 5 targets at each station, first a single bird followed by two pairs. Pairs can be either "report pairs," in which the second bird will be launched after the shooter fires at the first; or "true pairs" when both birds launch at the same time. After shooting at the 5 birds on the menu at that station, the shooter proceeds to the next stand, where they find a new menu of 5 targets.

Dates & Times & Rules

 Starts April 24 at 3:30 PM, and will continue for 11 weeks, ending July 10,  2019.  This is our regular shotgun event, 25 shots per Match, with Clay Targets launched from multiple Traps.  We’ll maintain records to determine the Top Five Shooters, who will compete head to head in a single 5 Stand Match to be held in July.  Club Membership is not required. 

This is a fun shotgun league.  Never shoot before?  Come on down we welcome beginners.

Members may shoot shotguns only on the Clays Range using the Club's Traps.  Come to our Wednesday afternoon of 5 Stand or just bring your own clays and use the club's traps anytime, always available to members.  No slugs or buckshot are allowed on that range. Trap arms must be released after use, Never leave a trap cocked.  Shotguns must be pointed at the ground when vehicles are on the road.  No shooting when vehicles are on the entrance/exit road.

Price us $6 for a round of 25 clays.


5 Stand & 50 Sporting Clay Score Tracking