Monday Night Rifle League - 2019


Modified 100 Yard Bench Rest League

  • Any rifle, any caliber, any sights; although scopes will have an advantage. 100 yard Standard Bench Rest Target. 
  • 10 shots. 5 sighters, 5 for score.   
  • There are two bullseye targets on each target. The lower is used for sighting, the upper is used for score. The 10 ring is 1 inch in diameter. Bench Rest Targets have a bold, lined, square, aiming point. This is used to defeat mirage, and provide a bold image as an aiming point.   
  • Shooters must arrive with unloaded rifles, and follow the Range Officer’s instructions.
  • 10 Shots are allowed. Only 5 are scored. Scoring can be done by group size, or impact points on the round scoring rings. Scoring will be done offline, allowing the next group of shooters to set up, and shoot their matches.   
  • It’s a simple game, with most of the elements of a precision shooting event. 

Dates & Times & More

Starting Monday, April 22 at 2:00 PM,  and will continue for 9 weeks, ending June 24, 2019. 20 shots per Match; 5 sighters, 15 shots for score. NRA SR 1 Target Face fired from Bench Rests at 100 Yards.  Open to rimfire, and centerfire rifles. Unlimited sights, rests, and action design.  45 Minute Bench Time Limit. Scores will be maintained for the duration of the League.  This League is an instructional event.  New shooters welcome, guests welcome.  Club membership is not required. 


 $5.00 per match, includes target


Safety will be a primary concern. Eye, and ear protection, is mandatory. Equipment is unrestricted. Shoot what you have. If it’s safe, you can use it.  This is a new event, and we’ll work together to make it enjoyable.    


2019 Rifle Result

2019 Rifle (pdf)


  • 6 new regular rifle benches.  This  will accommodate 6 shooters at a time , with room for spotters on each bench. 
  • Three 8” AR 500 plates will be installed at 100 yards, and three 10” plates at 142 yards.  AR500 mounting hardware will be used to mount them. 
  • New sign-in book that all members must sign if using the any of the ranges. 
  • Member Card posting board to affirm Membership, and associate your name with your Membership.  Members have priority over guests when the range is crowded. 
  • New, corrugated PVC sign material, will be installed  at 50yards, 100 yards, and 142 yards. This will replace the PVC fencing material  in use in the past. This material lasts longer, and is excellent for attaching targets with a stapler, or push pins. No thumb tacks please. They cause damage when struck by bullets.   

Rifle Range


Range Features

The Rifle Range is located on a mowed field, with a bullet impact area lying slightly lower than the firing points. There's an 80' treed hillside to capture anything that might not be grounded in the mowed area. There are target frames at 50, 100, and 142 yards. Shooters may use their own target frames, if the impact of their bullets strikes the ground. No trash, or garbage, is to be brought on Club Grounds. 

Signin book

Use of any of our ranges it is mandatory to sign in all members participating.   Please if you have a guest sign them in as well.  Leagues need not to sign in.


  1. Always keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Don’t load until in position and ready to shoot.
  3. Never touch the trigger until ready to fire.
  4. Firearms are to be benched empty or securely holstered before anyone goes down range.
  5. Never handle a firearm when any person is forward of the firing line and be sure the range is clear of  people or pets before loading.
  6. Eye and ear protection is required.
  7. Targets must be designed to be used for shooting and must be removed when you are done shooting. If you bring it in, you are responsible for bringing it out.  Tannerite is not allowed.
  8. Call a club officer if you have questions or concerns.   If you need help with anything related to your membership, make the call.  Contacts are listed on the web site.

Range Closure

Aug 19th due to Annual 100 Bird Sporting Clay Event, should open back up around 4:00pm

Special Events

Check our events calendar, no SPECIAL Rifle event planned this year

Club Rules

clubrules (pdf)