Our Club’s Membership runs from December 31, to January 1, of the next year. We use a pin to secure the gate, with the old lock at one end, and the new lock on the other. We leave this in place so that the previous year’s Members can open the gate, while waiting to receive their new key and Membership. New Members can open the gate with their new key. We remove the pin, and return to the single new lock the third week in January. You’ll need a new key to open the gate after that time. Please leave the gate open when anyone is on the grounds, and lock the gate if you happen to be the last Member out. 

Scroll down to join by mail.  Second option just come to our monthly meeting.

Raffle News - 2019


Drawing May 6, 2019


 1) Brian Mumpton - Beretta A400 Semi Auto Shotgun - Tic. 3726
2) Amanda Ossont - Mossberg 590 Tactical Shotgun - Tic. 1845
3) Chris Dumas - Henry Lever Action Varmint 17 - Tic. 2170
4) Michael Kessler - Ruger Precision 22 Tactical Rifle - Tic. 4531
5) Jason Nash - Henry Semi Auto Survival 22 Rifle - Tic. 2523
6) Robert Bowers - $100 Bass Pro Gift Card - Tic. 0534
7) Mike Dangler - $100 Bass Pro Gift Card - Tic. 1336
8) Fred Lomonto - $100 Bass Pro Gift Card  - Tic. 0335                  

Donation $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00

The Club thanks Bass Pro for their assistance with our prizes

Monthly Meetings


  Monthly Meetings are now 1st Monday of every month.

Meetings Start at 7:00pm

Winter (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar)

Held at Clinton Fish & Game Club

Summer (Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct)
Meetings will be held at the club house

  **$25 Gas Card Drawing at meetings.  This is in addition to the regular 50/50 drawings.
  Members at meetings get two chances to win and take part in the Club's progress. 

Club Rules


  1. RULE CHANGE, when entering lock the gate behind you, please sign into the log book and lock gate again when leaving.  This insures our safety that only members enter.
  2. Keys are not to be duplicated or loaned. 
  3. Guests must be accompanied by a club member. 
  4. Do not enter adjoining property from club grounds.
  5. All members are required to carry their membership cards.  Any member may request to see  another member’s card which must be shown if requested
  6. No unauthorized vehicles to be driven on the rifle range lawn.  ATV’s, golf carts and handicapped scooters are allowed if they don’t leave ruts in the swampy soil.
  7. Hunting Big Game is permitted with archery equipment only.  No firearms are permitted for Big Game. Small Game and Turkey can be hunted with the appropriate firearms.  Do not enter firing range areas when  hunting.
  8. Do not leave targets on the ranges.  Trash is not to be brought to the range for use as a target.  Report vandalism immediately, call sheriffs if necessary.
  9. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on grounds is prohibited.
  10. Family Membership allows a member’s son, daughter (16 and under) and spouse use of the club’s  facilities.  NYS firearms age restrictions apply and youths must be in the company of a member. 11. With over 200 members, the ranges get very heavy use.  Shooting times during heavy use should be restricted to getting your range time in and then clearing a firing point for another shooter.  Cooperate and keep it moving, kibitzing is better done away from the firing line.

Special Attention!


  • Reminder: As in the past, NO firearm hunting of Big Game is allowed on Club Grounds.   
  • Please lets be good neighbors by drive slow 15 MPH when going by Mr. Joseph's house. We have been doing a lot of work on the road as well and the slow speed will help to keep it in good shape.
  • Reminder. If you happen to be the last member out, please lock the gate.
  • Road Improvement.  We've been working with Dustin Dwyer, Dream CNY. LLC, Paving and Building Services, to manage our road repair.  We'll be investing in improved drainage, structural repair, and filling in the pot holes.  We're looking to start as soon as the ice is out. 
  • Limiting Membership Numbers.  We're exceeding 350 Members, and need to consider restricting Membership to keep the facility usable within it's limited space. Thankfully, it's been self regulating, and not everybody shows up at once. The shooting activities are spread out across Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun, and divisions within those three disciplines helps keep things spread out. In the meantime , we'll do our best to accommodate all our Members, as best we can.
  • Lawn Furniture.  Picnic tables, benches, gun racks, added and replaced as needed. 
  •  There will be Signs Posted to support safe range usage, and prevent damage to the grounds, and range structures. The Rifle Range will not usually support full sized vehicles. It's a swamp, and has drain water running underneath it most of the year. Ruts made by vehicles venturing onto the Rifle Range make mowing nearly impossible. It takes years for those ruts to settle.  Don't drive on the Rifle Range, or any of the lawns, when the ground is soft.   

Range Rules


Range Rules 

  1. Always keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Don’t load until in position and ready to shoot.
  3. Never touch the trigger until ready to fire.
  4. Firearms are to be benched empty or securely holstered before anyone goes downrange.
  5. Never handle a firearm when any person is forward of the firing line and be sure the range is clear of  people or pets before loading.
  6. Eye and ear protection is required.
  7. Targets must be designed to be used for shooting and must be removed when you are done shooting. If you bring it in, you are responsible for bringing it out.
  8. Call a club officer if you have questions or concerns.   If you need help with anything related to your membership, make the call.  Contacts are listed on the web site.
  9. Exploding Targets, and Explosive Devices, Prohibited. 
  10.  Shotguns and/or rifles are prohibited for use on the pistol ranges.  
  11. Members must log name and key number into the logbook and record any guests with you.  
  12. No shot size larger than 7.5 is permitted on the Sporting Clays Range. You may pattern larger shot sizes on paper targets only, never an aerial target.    

Range Care  


  • If you bring it in, you are responsible for taking it out.
  • Nothing is to be left on the range after you're done shooting.
  • No trash is to be used as a target.
  • If it is not designed to be used as a target, it is not to be used on any of the ranges.
  • Most members do a great job picking up, and their effort is appreciated.
  • We need to have all on board in this effort.

Membership by mail

This is the Dues Fees Schedule required by our Association’s Constitution. Our Membership Year runs from the first day of January, to the last day of the following December. The Dues from January 1, to April 30, are $50. for an Individual Membership, $55. for Family. Membership after April 30, increases to $60. for an Individual Membership, $65. for Family. Additional Fees are easily avoided by renewing prior to April 30.